FWD Insurance Health Review- Exercising and maintaining health must be done by everyone. Nobody wants pain, but the pain does come unexpectedly. And if you are looking for the best health insurance, then we will review FWD insurance. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Good for

- Consumers seeking high-value international health insurance

- Healthy consumers looking for high coverage limits

Bad for

- Women who need maternity coverage

- Those looking to purchase optional benefits separately

- Consumers over 65

The FWD International Health Insurance Plan are some of the most affordable international plans. While the lower limit plan lacks coverage for certain conditions, a higher final plan provides many benefits for attractive prices, attracting value-conscious consumers. However, consumers who need pregnancy or outpatient benefits can find better value with other insurance companies.

Summary of FWD International Health Insurance

Customisable coverage

- S$2 and S$3 million plans are some of the highest value options on the market

- Below average premiums for hospitalization coverage

- Expensive to add outpatient, maternity and dental coverage

Policy Exclusions

FWD's exclusions are fairly standard, with major exclusions including pre-existing conditions, STDs and deliberate self-injury. Accidents or injuries that occur during the course of hazardous occupations such as fire-fighting, police, diving, oil rigging and air force services will not be covered as well.

- Pre-existing conditions

- Congenital Conditions (for plans less than S$1m annual limit)

- STDs

- Gender Reassignment

- Conception & fertility treatments

- Personality disorders

- Sleep disorders

- Developmental disorders

- Deliberate self-inflicted injury or suicide

- Genetic testing/Stem Cell treatment

- Sleep and Eating disorders

- Death or injury from professional sports involvement

The coverage of FWD insurance branches is in the following regions: Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

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