Exelltechnologies - Teaching your kids to wake up early is definitely not an easy thing to do. It’s even very frustrating to any parents out there to do. So, here’s some tips you can try to get your kids to wake up early:

1.    Set their bed time

Children usually needs an average sleep time of around 10-12 hours for anyone above 5 years old. That’s why parents can and should make a schedule of when they’ll sleeping so that it becomes a good habit for them to go to bed early.

And besides, the child will benefit from this too as they’ll be readier than ever for tomorrow’s activities if they get enough sleep the night before.

2.    Go to bed early

Getting them to develop a sleeping habit can be difficult at first. But something parents can do to get their kids to wake up early is create the atmosphere of bed time around the house. Parents can do this by turning off the lights and television around the house. Signifying them that it’s time for bed.

Proceed to get them in their favorite pajamas, then read them a story until they’re asleep. After a couple of weeks, they will start to go bed early if everything went as planned.

3.    Set an alarm

Although hated for most people including adults, setting an alarm is definitely an effective way to get kids to wake up early. Parents can teach them how to set their own alarm and buy the alarm of their choice with their favorite song in it.

That way the child won’t be as disgruntled when they wake up to their favorite music.

4.    Set their activity schedule

You can make a timetable detailing when and where they will be doing certain things. This will keep everything streamlined and orderly for both the parents and the child. That being said, definitely try to make one together too, as not only it strengthens the bonds between parent and their child, it will also make them to be less intimidated by the schedule.

5.    Dim the lights

Setting the biological clock on your child is as easy as dimming the light when it’s time for sleep. This way your child will realize that dim light means it is time for bed while bright light is the time to wake up.

6.    Give them reward when they wake up early

A little incentive here and there is never bad. You can give them simple rewards for waking up early such as choosing their favorite breakfast, play time with mommy and daddy, et cetera.

7. Give a responsibility to wake up happy in the morning

Start giving your child early rise responsibilities, such as cleaning the room and feeding their pets. Indirectly, the brain will record this activity, such as feeding a dog or cat.

That’s all for how to get your kids to wake up early on time, and what you can do as a parent to facilitate that. It’s definitely an important aspect in life so that your child does not turn out lazy down the line. We hope this article have been insightful for you, and we will see you some other time with another parenting guides articles.

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