How Millennials Approach Relationships Differently Than Older Generations - How Millennials Approach Relationships Differently Than Older Generations - The way that millennials date compared to their parents and grandparents has massive differences. First of all, they don’t even call it dating anymore. There’s a boatload of vernacular for the different stages of relationships and the priorities are different today then they were 20 or 30 years ago. Here are the biggest ways the millennials approach relationships in a less conventional way.

1. They don’t believe in the fairy tale romances. They accept things realistically and keep expectations low to protect themselves from heartbreak since that tragedy is the norm in 2018 with ghosting and all the rest!

2. On another note, they don’t expect that the person they’ve been with for less than a year is going to be their one and only soulmate or the person they’ve married. Unlike past generations, marriage isn’t the ultimate goal for millennials.

3. We’re in the era of Netflix and chill. It’s ok to just hook up with someone and see where it goes. That used to mean that women allowed themselves to be doormats and use sex to keep a man interested, but now it means that a woman is free to express herself sexually however she wants.

4. That’s because millennials have less defined and even sometimes reversed gender roles, where older generations don’t. Women commonly initiate and encourage casual sex nowadays with icons like Amber Rose letting us know its ok to be sexual without the wishful thinking. Unattached females, unite!

5. Relationships don’t normally come about by two attractive strangers locking eyes in the middle of a busy NYC street, as the old’ meet-cute story used to go. Most millennial relationships are formed on apps like Tinder and Bumble nowadays.

6. But bringing technology into dating also means that people can’t communicate as well or be on the same page anymore. Ambiguous texting and e-communication can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunication, from cat-fishing to unaligned expectations.

7. Dating with technology has also brought about ghosting, which is the not so trendy trend of just totally disappearing and going AWOL after you’ve hung out. It’s disrespectful and older generations’ jaws would drop if anyone ever did that to them.

8. Nowadays, we talk about everything with our friends. While men have always had locker room talk, in 2018 women talk to their friends about every sexual detail in a judgment-free zone, whereas older generations may have had more stigma or a “behind closed doors” attitude where they don’t kiss and tell.

9. The age of non-monogamy and polyamory are emerging and becoming much less taboo. People are understanding half of marriages end in divorce and maybe temptation has to do with that. The idea of only being invested in and able to love one person is no more.

10. Millennials are having kids much later in life, whereas it was the norm for women in their late teens and 20s to start a family, whereas now financial responsibilities and career are priorities, with women commonly giving birth in their late 30s and 40s instead.

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