Why You Need Ransomware Protection

Ransomeware Virus Take control of someone else's device, and you should have extra antivirus protection. The beginning of the ransomware enters and takes control of your device from various sides, including downloading files or applications online, e-mails from unknown people and you open them, and much more.

Most of these ransomware attacks demand a ransom like cryptocurrencies. As recommended by all IT experts. every time you finish installing the operating system, you should install an antivirus application first. Have you done it?

The following image shows the file that was attacked by the ransomware virus
The following image shows the file that was attacked by the ransomware virus

What to do if you have been exposed to the ransomware virus?

1. Turn off your device's connection to the internet

Almost in some cases, people do not know what to do the first time. Immediately you turn off your device's connection from the internet so that the virus does not spread quickly (in some cases the virus will spread faster if there is an internet network).

2. Immediately do a backup (If there are some files that have not been infected with a virus)

If the virus has not entered the C system (operating system), immediately run to D data or other data and do offline backups. (some cases of viruses are first seen in the download section or my document)

3. Install and Scan with the Antivirus application

If you don't have an antivirus, immediately ask your friends or download it from another device. Immediately scan all drives, including the files you backed up earlier.

This process may take a while, depending on how badly infected the file.

Here's the Best Antivirus Software Protection Ransomware Attack

1. Avast

2. Kaspersky

3. AVG Antivirus

4. Neushield

5. Norton

6. Malwarebytes

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